How to become an expert authority

I am Lucky enough to be a good friend of Chris Lang is the well know authority, or “Guru” on all matters relating google and the inner workings of many of their (googles) algo’s.

Chris wrote an inspirational story which is a lesson to all us on how to become an authority on virtually any subject, as long as you have abasic understanding of the subject.

It all boils down to the fact that once you become know as an authority people start to seek you out and the reality starts to happen.

So, When the big guys come to you as an expert, well, you KNOW ARE one!

For anyone out there reading this, Chris is more than just an expert; he is a mentor. He distinguishes himself from the masses by creating personal relationships in the impersonal virtual world, and by giving individual assistance and resources to bring his clients up to speed. Even the “little” client feels valued by Chris Lang.

you can read all about it on his website here:-

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