Get Rid of Those Love Handles

I hadnt really noticed before I tried on a new pair of trousers that my wife bought for me, but, yes, then I realised  that the dreaded day had finally arrived, yes, the onset of “middle aged spread” was there for all to see.

Yes the dreaded Love Handles had finally made their Presence obvious. So I decided to do some researchget rid of those love handles on exactly
“how to get rid of Love handles”.

The Obvious thing that we all do is to take some exercise and eat a little less, but then I got to thinking, well I don,t really over eat, and I do already get a fair amount of exercise each day because I am stood up and moving around quite a bit during the day in my workplace, so there has to be a way to get rid of those love handles without torturing myself in the process.

The main aim of getting rid of love handles is to achive a healthier heart and lowered blood pressure and of course to lose the excess fat around your expanding midrift.

So how was I going to achieve all of this ?

Remove your love handles

Well I read a few bits and pieces on the subject, and did a bit more research until I found a great book called  “Remove Your Love Handles”

In the book the Author discusses a few simple methods that will enable you to lose  those love handles with the minimum amount of effort. Yes it still requires some work on your part, but if you follow the system and methods he proposes you will soon start to see the Improvements that he says are possible.

By Geoff Lord


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