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 Someone once asked me if there were any Scuba Goggles that he could use that would allow him to be able to “See better under water”.

Now that may seem like a strange question from a seasoned Scuba diver, but you see, the question was aimed at me whilst I was working; in my Opticians Practice in the middle of Manchester UK…

This really happened and was a genuine question from a new client that had just walked in to my Family run Opticians Practice in Manchester.

At that time there was limited availability for swimming goggles, let alone Scuba Goggles, so I had to do quite a bit of research to find an answer for him. Eventually i did find him a suitable product, they were standard scuba goggles with toughend Glass outer lenses, and I made a special set of Optical Lenses to his (quite considerable) prescription, and bonded those on to the back of the scuba mask goggles.

He has been a loyal customer ever since. But the main thing that transpired from this little encounter was that it got me to thinking. How many other people were there out there with the same problem?

This was in 1996 when the internet was in its infancy, but I did manage to find a website from a swimming goggle manufacturer. However he only sold wholesale, and not to regular clients. So an Idea was born.

Several months later, and after many many hours of work, trial, and error i eventually managed to build my first website serving just that market, swimming goggles and diving masks. At that time there was no such thing as Google so it was easy to get my site to be the number one on the internet. If your typed in swimming goggles, or scuba goggles, or prescription goggles etc at that time my website http://www.sportspectacles.com/ was the only one that came up Worldwide.

Scuba diving goggles to your prescriptionI was soon supplying prescription swimming goggles and scuba diving masks to a Worldwide Market from my back office workshop in Manchester. My friends and business collegues couldnt work out how I had suddenly become so busy. Most of them didnt even have a clue what the internet was, let alone what a website was.

From those beginnings I built several websites for myself and other Opticians, and this eventually extended in to designing websites for Hospitals in France. (why France? thats another story ) and Internet Marketing websites.

I still enjoy my everyday work in my Family Practice in Manchester, and I still also enjoy “messing around with websites” so if you get the time, or maybe you need some prescription swimming or scuba goggles making up, why not take a look at my website,

I may just be the man you are looking for.

by Geoff Lord  F.Inst.SMM

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