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Possible Amount For Settlement Discussed By J&J

Several patients who have suffered complications from the failure of hip implants that was manufactured by Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Orthopedics decided to file lawsuits against the said company, news reports say. The recalled hip implant from DePuy might cost Johnson & Johnson approximately $4 billion in settlements for claimants, according to the article from the New York Times. The said amount of money might be the biggest settlement from a medical device company for product culpability claims. This news on the possible settlement of Johnson & Johnson has given hope to plaintiffs.

An all-metal hip implant designed by DePuy Orthopedics and marketed as the ASR Hip Replacement System which was thought to be better than previous designs. This means that it will be more durable and may lessen the wear and tear of the prosthesis. Yet, patients have experienced several problems related to this kind of prosthesis and the manufacturer was beset by complaints. The metal particles from the prosthesis have released metal ions that may build-up in the blood and lead to metal toxicity. Chromium and cobalt ions from the implant are still being studied for the possible adverse effects.

In 2010, DePuy recalled this type of implant as it was associated with an exceptionally high failure rate. There were about 93,000 hip implants were recalled by DePuy. A second revision surgery might be needed to correct the problem caused by the failed hip implant, but it might not be as successful as the first surgery. Plaintiffs from different states may be included in this massive pay-out from Johnson & Johnson. Around $300,000 or more might be expected to be received by plaintiffs, according to an article from the Bloomberg Businessweek.

An agreement needs to be signed by eligible plaintiffs to claim the settlement. On the other hand, there might be a possible second round of settlements for those who might have a revision surgery. The payment for medical costs of the hip replacement procedure was also offered after DePuy started to recall their product. There are more lawsuits that will be resolved through this settlement because DePuy has yet to resolve other lawsuits against them. Hip revision among women who have had the recalled hip implants may be more complicated and some have opted to find other means to alleviate their pain.

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Losing the Extra Weight Very Vital to the Osteoarthritic Patient

Dr. Sheon, a hip surgeon once recounted about a case of a patient who was suffering from osteoarthritis and came to him for surgery in accordance with the recommendations of two doctors. He told his patient that he must lose 65 pounds since operating on a person with a weight over 180 pounds would have a very high risk of failure.

            The 65 pounds asked by the doctor was really lost and in the process reported that he was feeling very healthy and free of the pains and other symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. It was decided that the hip replacement surgery was not necessary due to the remarkable improvement of his condition.

            How a person’s weight can be very vital to the recovery or prevention of osteoarthritis is demonstrated in this case. Doctors have long shown that any additional weight will put further stress on the weight-bearing joints of a patient who is already suffering the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Medical experts strongly believe that excess weight will not only aggravate the condition but may also be responsible for causing the disease according to clinical studies.  

            It was reported, based on the Framingham Heart Study, that chances of getting osteoarthritis was greater for people who are overweight. Women who were considered as very heavy were determined to have twice as much chances of getting the disease.

            The additional weight a person carries exerts more force on the weight bearing joints with every step or even while standing which explains why pain is felt in the hips and other joints. As much as three times the weight of your body is exerted on the hips, knees, and other weight-bearing joints while standing on one leg. The stress exerted on the joints becomes six times as much when climbing the stairs or going down. The stress rises proportionally with each additional pound and so do the chances of developing osteoarthritis or aggravating the symptoms if already suffering the disease.

            It is no wonder then that every arthritic patient who visits a doctor would be advised to reduce their weight in order to ease the pains of their malady. It has even become a standard for surgeons to ask their patients to lose weight first before considering hip replacement procedures. Even a conservative weight loss of 20 pounds may produce enormous benefits.

            Before starting any weight loss program, it is best to see your doctor for advice. The doctor will offer guidance and suggestions on how to achieve your goals. By following the suggestions offered, achievement of your weight loss objectives becomes easy which may provide a relief of your pains.

            This may even spare you the need for hip replacement surgeries which may only put additional risks in light of the recent reports of product failures. Serious complications have been reported and have led to actions like the DePuy hip replacement lawsuits. For more information about this, you may visit



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