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Losing 70 pounds fast. How to do it?

There are a large number of women wondering how to lose weight. Google says there are far more than 100.000 women that want to shed pounds fast and so are typing this into google every single month.

Should you be one, this is certainly great simply because this post gives you a step by step system that one could follow and turn into how you have always wanted, skinny and sexy. You can do this regardless of of your respective level of fitness or how many pounds you’ll want to lose.

I’m able to talk about reducing your weight since i did it. I gained more than 70 pounds within my first pregnancy, and although for the first few months I only lost 7 pounds, finally I was able to lose 70 pounds in the next 4 and half months.

If you wish to read my full story, please check this site. It may assist you to lose weight fast too!

Now, since I promised you that this article educate you on to lose weight fast, here’s what you need to do!

Losing 70 pounds fast


1. Check my website, since you will see photos, videos that can keep you going! Read every one of the info presented there and enroll in my newsletter.

2. You must know that to be able to lose 70 pounds, you have to compromise, specialy when it is about eating and exercising. You need to give up eating junk foods, fast foods, cookies, sugar filled beverages or any other sort of simple carbs. Make an effort to also eliminate fats from meats and dairy foods. They’re not good for weight loss.

3. Here’s exactly what you need eat:

– in the morning: 40 grams of oat cereals when combined light yogurt.

– lunch: a salad made with a lot of veggies, no dressing, just organic olive oil and grilled chicken or fish. The salad can be up to a pound, but do not eat bread, pasta or any other carbs as a side

-dinner: same as lunch, but 2 thirds of how big the salad you ate at lunch.

Between, you can eat fruits, but lacking in sugar, and drink a minimum of 2-3 liters of water daily. This way you may lose no less than 4 pounds a week.

The next article is going to be in regards to the exercises that will assist you lose 70 pounds fast.





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