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Hi everyone

Well I just found yet another closely Guarded secret internet

Google Pages! That’s right–Google Pages. Google
is now allowing people to create their own web
pages and post them on the net. Remember and how Google allows people
to create blogs for Free? Same concept only
for web pages.Remember how fast and often
Google indexes (like immediately and
several times per day) How would you like to
create an unlimited number of Google pages with
you like to capture all that traffic and high
search engine rankings those backlinks create?
Now you can…Starting Today!
Remember how much google loved
for about the past 2 years?…. they spidered
them super fast and for some reason they
carried a lot of weight that no one could
explain (hint-google loved them because
they owned them, and they left it a marketing
powerhouse in order to quickly get millions
of people using it). Its very clear that
google is now doing the same for googlepages..
(Googles own version of free web pages.)

In my never ending quest to find more and
more varied solutions for gaining backlinks
from a wide variety of places, I have found
that every once in a while, I build a
backlink generator that seems to out pull
the average backlink.Now obviously it is
imperative that a person have backlinks
from a wide range of places, but still,
every once in a while you end up with
some backlinks that just seem to be
better than others.

When I first tested googlepages as a
means of backlinks, I of course expected
them to do well, after all, google owns
the system. But I was absolutely blown
away by the speed that their spiders
hit my gpage… It was so fast that I
thought that surely it was a fluke.

Want to know the secret of where to
find them ?

just google “google pages” you will
need a google gmail account.

If you dont have on just e mail me and
I,ll send you an Invite


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